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About Kętrzyn

Kętrzyn is situated in the northern part of the Warmian-Masurian Voivodeship. The City covers an area of 10,34 sq km and is a local center of industry, services and administration. Kętrzyn has a population of approximately 28 000 residents. It’s a city with a rich history dating back to the Middle Ages. At the end of the 19th century there was a dynamic development of local industry, expansion of the road infrastructure and new railway connections. That was the reason why the current development of the city is based on the old and modernized infrastructure. Kętrzyn is currently one of the most industrialized cities in Warmia and Mazury. It is an important economic center in the scale of the Warmian-Masurian Voivodeship. It is a place with a high production potential and also a perfect place for rest and recreation. The location of Kętrzyn in the vicinity of the Great Masurian Lakes and on the tourist route Gierłoż-Święta Lipka gave the basis for the development of the city as a holiday travel resort.

Transport accessibility

Kętrzyn is located about 90 km from the capital of the province, Olsztyn, and in the vicinity of Mrągowo and Giżycko (distance about 30 km) on the tourist route Gierłoż-Święta Lipka. There are provincial roads through the city connecting it with other regional centers and also the railway line of the Olsztyn-Ełk-Białystok route. The nearest border crossing Skandawa – Zheleznodorozhny is located 30 km from Kętrzyn.

Distance from:
the most important urban centers:
− Gdańsk – 219 km,
− Elbląg – 162 km,
− Olsztyn – 87,3 km,
− Warsaw – 254 km
− Szymany – 83 km,
− Gdańsk – 235 km,
− Warsaw – 254 km
border crossing: in Bezledy – 55 km


Kętrzyn is a city of active economic development policy. It’s an important center of the light industry and agri‑food processing. The city of Kętrzyn is developing many branches of industry: electrotechnic, machines, cloth, furniture, agri‑food processing and the production of packaging and Christmas decorations. Kętrzyn has current Spatial Development Plans concerning about 80% of the city’s area.

Economic sectors with the greatest potential
– industrial sector (wood, furniture, electricity, clothing, food)
– service sector
– tourism

List of the most important enterprises operating in Kętrzyn:
– Philips Lightening Poland Sp. z o.o. – Netherlands
– Magnetic Systems Technology Sp. z o.o. (MST) – Poland
– MTI-Furninova Polska – Poland-Sweden
– ‚Majonezy’ Production and Commercial Cooperative in Kętrzyn – Poland
– Warmia S.A. – Renowned Manufacturer of Outerwear – Poland

Functional Area in Kętrzyn

Creating functional areas assumes a shift in development management from a sectoral approach to a territorial integration. At the same time the assumptions of the National Spatial Planning Concept for planning are implemented. Having regard to the existing social, economic and spatial ties on October 14, 2014 the local governments from the Kętrzyn poviat have signed an agreement on the creation of the Functional Area in Kętrzyn. This area consists of the following local government units: the Municipality of Kętrzyn, the cities of Kętrzyn, Korsze, Reszel, Barciany, Srokowo.
Because of the location, the area practices regional cooperation with cities and regions from Lithuania, Latvia, Russia and Ukraine.

Labor market (2017)
– Working people: in the poviat – 8717, in Kętrzyn – 5872.
– Among the professionally active residents of Kętrzyn, 702 people go for work to other cities. 1227 employees come to work from outside the city – the balance of arrivals and departures to work is 525.
– 27.8% of professionally active residents of Kętrzyn work in the agricultural sector (agriculture, forestry, hunting and fishing), 27.7% – industries and building engineering, 12.0% – the service sector (trade, vehicle repair, transport, accommodation and catering, information and communication) 1.7% – the financial sector (financial and insurance activity, real estate market).
– The average gross salaries in the Kętrzyn poviat is PLN 3256.93 (2016).
– Registered unemployed: in the poviat – 3461, in the municipality – 1099.
– Share of the unemployed in the working-age population: 8.7% in the poviat and 6.6% in the municipality.
– The unemployment rate in the Kętrzyn poviat – 18.9%.

In the city of Kętrzyn there are:
– secondary schools: polytechnic, engineering, management, economics, journalism, law, medicine, linguistics;
– high schools: economist, analyst, electrician, IT specialist, construction technician, logistics, motor vehicles
– vocational school: cook, car mechanic.
In addition, Kętrzyn is located close to the University of Warmia and Mazury in Olsztyn. Currently, there are 17 faculties at the UWM with 66 fields of study and 108 types of post-graduate studies. 14 faculties have full academic rights, i.e. the right to grant postdoctoral degrees (in 16 disciplines). In 2016/17 there were above 20 000 students. Over the last decade, in Olsztyn there were over 107 500 academic graduates have left the schools premises.
The University of Warmia and Mazury in Olsztyn closely cooperates with the economy, maintaining a database of technology and service offers. This cooperation is coordinated by the Center for Innovation and Technology Transfer, helping to effectively use the results of academic research of the university staff for the needs of the economy.

Institutions supporting the investor

Polish Investment and Trade Agency
Warmia and Mazury Special Economic Zone S.A.
Warmia and Mazury Regional Development Agency
Olsztyn Science and Technology Park
District Labor Offices in Kętrzyn

Business-related institutions

Trade Industrial Association in Kętrzyn
Association for Social Integration in Kętrzyn

Advisory centres
The Poviat Agricultural Advisory Centre

Loan guarantee funds
Credit Guarantee Fund, the Communes Association ‚Barcja’

Law firms, including the notary offices and legal advisers
Notary Duczmalewska Beata
Notary Kamińska Regina Halina
Notary Krasucka-Wnorowska Monika Anna
Legal advisor Bihuń Beata
Legal advisor Dariusz Bączek
Legal advisor Hubert Wnorowski
Legal advisor Anna Lebiedziok
Legal advisor Walesiak Michał

Technical infrastructure
The condition and level of technical infrastructure are an important indicator of the economic and residential development of the city. That is why the city authorities made every effort to make the largest possible number of people and business entities use technical installations. Therefore, the infrastructure in the city is at a high level.

Users of the installations in % of the total population (2016):
– Water supply – 99.9%,
– Sewerage – 98.4%
– Gas – 92.8%

All investment areas in the Municipality of Kętrzyn are partially or completely developed plots, the nearest utilities are located on the neighboring ones. The Local Spatial Development Plan provides full utilities of these areas. The offer of investment areas is at a high level when it comes to the diversification of industries and the surface-level diversity of the investment areas. The communication of the areas is also satisfactory. Most of them have access roads and also the main provincial roads – No. 591 and 592.

Forms of spending free time

Kętrzyn has a rich sports and recreation center, which is constantly developed. Thanks to that, it is possible to plan an interesting offer for the residents, as well as to conduct physical education lessons for children and youth. The city has also sports facilities of regional and supra-regional importance: the Sports and Entertainment Hall, the Hall of Champions and the Baltic Billiard Centre.

One of the most attractive recreational places is the Recreation & Sport Complex KĘTRZYNIANKA. There is a swimming pool with water attractions: geyser, water mushroom, rapid river, massage tables, massage benches, neck massage and slides. In addition, there are playgrounds for team games (basketball and volleyball), tennis courts, miniature golf, gym.

The Culture Centre in Kętrzyn presents a diversified offer, thanks to which everyone will find something for themselves, e.g. contemporary dance, hip hop dance, breakdance, music, art, photography and theater studio. Furthermore, there is also a cinema ‚Gwiazda’ (‚The Star’) with a modern air-conditioned screening room with 164 seats.

Nature lovers can relax by the municipal lake. It is a perfect place for strolling or cycling on separate bike routes. For those who prefer water sports, the facility offers boat rentals. This is also the ideal place for anglers, who may spend their time performing their favourite activity.